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Your Basement And Water Damage

Many times home owners will not even consider buying a home if it does not have a basement. This is because basements make such a great place to store items that are not currently being used. Many people like the idea of having a basement available to turn into extra living space if they were to ever need it. The one thing that can ruin a good basement area is when it has leaks that can cause it to flood.

Sometimes people will buy a home and not realize that there is a water problem in the basement until after the papers have already been signed and water issues in a basement can occur over time for people who have lived in a home for many years. The one thing these people have in common is the fact that the problem must be remedied and the sooner the better.

Water can come into a basement for several different reasons. There can be pipes leaking and if the water is coming from this, it can be as simple to fix as doing the repairs your self or calling a plumber if it is a major job. You will want to fix the problem as quickly as you can because allowing water to stand for a long period of time is not good. It can cause mold, damage to any wood surface it might be coming into contact with, and cause concrete and mortar to deteriorate.

If you discover that water is coming into your basement from the outside because of foundation issues like cracks or a sloping landscape, these things can be harder and more costly to remedy. The best way to ensure these issues are corrected the right way and permanently is by calling in a water damage professional to identify the problem and follow his recommendations for correction. Any thing that can potentially jeopardize the structure of a home must be taken seriously and remedied promptly to stop any additional damage. Once water starts getting in through an opening some where, it will only get worse over time.

When ever there is water coming into a basement, it is impossible to use it for much of anything as long as the problem goes unresolved, not to mention the damage it can be doing to the value of your home. Getting it fixed quickly is the only solution that will save the value of your home and make the basement worth having at all.

Your Foundation And Water Damage

Many of us take a lot of pride in the way the outside of our homes look. We like our yards to be well maintained all throughout the year. This can be a difficult and time consuming task when we try to do all the work ourselves especially when we have a lot of yard to keep up. Keeping up with growing grass, flower beds, tree pruning, and more can be tiresome and expensive, but we do it because we think the appearance of our home is worth the effort it takes.

What is not good for our landscaping is when water wreaks havoc with certain areas in the yard. The worst place in the world for excess water to gather and stand is near the foundation of our house. Water accumulation here can cause some serious problems over time if the problem is not corrected the right way.

Usually when water stands too near the foundation it is because it does not have proper drainage or the landscaping slopes down hill toward the home instead of up and away from it. It is important that the area around the house foundation is higher and this helps the water to flow away from the foundation. Standing water is also a magnet for mosquitoes, but it can cause cracking and leaks in the foundation itself. There are ways to correct the problem and it should be attended to as soon as it is discovered.

If you have a basement in your home, water standing at the foundation can eventually cause you to have leaking into the basement. This can be costly to have repaired, not to mention the aggravation it can cause when a basement in standing in water. Sometimes you might be able to do the landscaping yourself. The problem can also be because of faulty gutters. Check your gutters first to see if that is causing the problem.

If the water issue near your foundation is not being caused from your gutters and you can not alleviate the landscaping problem on your own, you might have to call in a professional landscaper to fix it. It might cost you a little money for the yard repair to be done now, but it will be more expensive later if it causes your foundation to crack and start leaking either underneath your home in the crawl space or into your basement.