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It is...

a place to look forward to after making that after-work commute. A place that will offer shade in the summer, shelter from the rain and snow, and warmth during the cold fall and winter months. A place for rest. A place for relaxation and meditation.

And perhaps the most important of them all:

a place to make happy memories with your family.

A place like this deserves the utmost care and regular maintenance should be performed to keep it in tip-top shape. Sadly, many homes can become neglected due to busy schedules.

When we look at those who are not so fortunate as us, particularly those who live in developing countries where food, jobs, and housing are scarce, we learn to appreciate the importance of our home even more. Our sentiment for this huge pile of wood, concrete, or brick turns into kind regard and indebtedness as we realize all of the things that this home provides for us.

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