A fire's strength is not to be underestimated. The bigger the fire, the more powerful it is... and the quicker it can burn your home to the ground. It is important to make a plan with an emergency escape route so that everyone in your family stays free from harm.

Being Trapped In A Fire

There is nothing more terrifying to humans than the thought of drowning or being trapped in a fire. While drowning is nothing to be desired, usually the torture will be over fairly quickly and passing out is a good possibility. The vision of being burned alive might be a little more painful to say the least. No one would choose to die this way that is for certain.

There are many people who die in fires every year because they are unable to get out. Sometimes there is no hope when there is only one exit and it has already been enveloped by the flames. When there is more than one way out of a space, some people die because they panic. Getting in a panic in a situation like this is the last thing that you want to do if you can help it. The precious moments you spend being terrified and immobile could mean the difference between living and dying.

This is why it is so important to know exactly what you should be doing immediately when you discover you are in a fire. If there are others in the home with you, shout loudly that there is a fire even if the smoke alarms are going off. If smoke is filling the area, get low on the floor and crawl around because the less smoke you inhale the better. If doors are closed, do not open them until you feel whether or not they are hot. Opening a door that is hot might mean the flames are right outside of it and you need to hold it at bay for as long as you can.

If there is a window you can escape from, use it quickly. Do not jump from second or third stories unless you have to. If you can not get out, call the 911 if you can. If you can not jump from the window, yell outside so anyone within ear shot can call 911 for you and maybe help you get out with a ladder or rope.

When you have children in a burning home, you will try your best to get to them because this is a parental instinct that can not be denied. Hopefully, you will be able to get everyone out. Having fire drills with your kids that are old enough to understand is essential. There is a specific ladder you can buy and teach them how to use to escape out a window if necessary. Teach them to never go back inside after they have escaped, for anything! Small children should be housed near your room just in case of a fire so you will be more able to get to them.